Riff Raff Skate Team

Team Riders:

Devon Cooper @d_cooper. Hometown: San Clemente, CA

Nate Muniz @ponyboy_muniz. Hometown: Rialto, CA

Brian Hance @san_diego_pd. Hometown: San Diego, CA

Ethan Wheeler @out_lander_91. Hometown: San Diego, CA

Raymond Allen Joe @rays_hell. Hometown: Missoula, MT

Lola Montour, Hometown: Post Falls, ID

Phillip Montour @phillipmonopoly (Founder) Hometown: Post Falls, ID

***We are constantly on the lookout for talented skaters to bring to the team.  We also love to sponsor events and support the local skate scene. 

Please contact us if you have questions or comments or have an event coming up.
@phillipmonopoly installing rails on a Yousta Story tellers Club deck.